Aavegotchi will explode in 2021 and has the potential to become Gamefi’s leading project

Amber Siren
2 min readDec 30, 2020


Aavegotchi will be launched on the mainnet on January 4, 2021. Except for the New Year, nothing excites me more than this news.

I have been following Aavegotchi since October 2020. When I first read the project white paper, I still didn’t quite understand it. I just knew it was going to be a blockchain game. At that time, I spent a little bit of money to buy GHST with an angel investment mentality. Not long after I bought it, GHST dropped slightly, but I made my money back with two rounds of equipment lottery.

As I learned more about Aavegotchi, I finally understood what it was going to do. I think the blockchain game and NFT market will continue to grow rapidly in 2021, and Aavegotchi has the potential to become Gamefi’s leading project.

In traditional games, the company decides the direction of the game.Players continue to spend money and cannot own their own game assets. But in the Aavegotch world, players can determine the direction of the game and own game assets.

There are three reasons why Aavegotchi became Gamefi’s leading project:

  1. The design of GHST’s token economy system is great. It not only ensures that the development team has continuous funds to keep the project evolving, but also allows players to have enough motivation to participate in the construction and share profits.
  2. Aavegotchi itself can capture value, and pledge atoken guarantees the value of gotchi. The time and energy invested in equipment and player training gotchi further enhanced the value of gotchi.
  3. aavegotchi integrates NFT, Crypto Art, Metaverse and Blockchain Gaming space, and various interesting gameplays emerge endlessly

On December 31, 2020, which is tomorrow, Aavegotchi will hold the third round of the lottery. I am very looking forward to it. I hope that this time I can continue the good luck of the previous two rounds, and I can draw my favorite equipment.